DroppingGems - Colored with Sentiment Analysis

A gem’s color is determined by the overall moods and attitudes expressed by the owner. The colors of the Gem change as the owner tweets. (Mood Gem)

Text => Emotion => Color

Most data analyzed with Ai is structured. This means that the data has been labeled, categorized, and characterized. However, Natural Language Processing helps computers understand unstructuctured text like tweets.

Sentiment Analysis is a part of Nautral Language Processing and Data Scientists use it to determine the mood and emotions of unstructured text. Sentiment analysis allows computers to process a piece of text and then assign numerical values to it for classification and understanding. Example: Amazon can use sentiment analysis to get a general reaction and rating for a new product based on the comments of users.

How It Works:

Textblob is a python library for Natural Language Processing (NLP), that identifies two data points of sentiment in text. Polarity - which labels a text on a range from negative to positive and Subjectivity which labels a text from opinionated to factual.
-- Polarity is a number between 1 - 200 with 100 being neutral. Polarizing text is characterized as negative emotion. This could be anger, dislike, sadness, or frustration. The lower the score, the more polarized the text.
-- Subjectivity is a number between 1 - 100. For example, if a person tweets information about how the blockchain works, this would fall on the higher end of the spectrum. On the otherhand, if a person tweets how much they loved Ethereum, this would be seen as more of an opinion and therefore lower on the scale.

Obama as an Example:

Here is a recent tweet from Barack Obama. It is a mixture of facts and opinions with a generally postive emotion. Becasue of this, the tweet has a score of 40 for Subjectivity and 180 for Polarity.

A script then uses the two numbers (180, 40) as coordinates to identify one pixel on a color wheel. You can see, as the end result, the color has been applied to certain areas of Obama's gem. This means every gem has a infinite number of color combos based on any point in the color wheel.